Campervans For Hire | Different Types To Consider

Campervans for hire have been popular in Europe since the 1950′s. Because of their popularity, many people have decided to use these packages when taking a campervan holiday. If you want to try out these vehicles for your next vacation, you have to know about the types to choose from. Companies offering motorhome hire in the UK or anywhere in Europe have varying types included in their lists. 


Before getting to the different types of campervans for hire, you might as well want to know about the names given to these vehicles. In the United States, they are popularly known as RV’s, a short term for recreational vehicles. In Australia, they are often called Kombis whilst in the United Kingdom, the campervan has once termed a Dormobile. 


Classes of Campervans for Hire in Europe 


You may have heard of 2-berth, 4-berth, and 6-berth motorhomes. But aside from these classifications, there are other types of motorhomes that you may find in the UK and the rest of Europe. These different types of camper van hire in Europe have been classified according to their sizes. 


Topping the list of different motorhomes in the UK is the AC or A-class type. This one is found in between medium and large van sizes that can weigh 7.5 tonnes as an average. Most of the features and fixtures inside and outside this motorhome are electronically operated. 


Next to the AC type is the Overcab or OC motorhome. This is known for having an area that provides an elevated bed on top of the cab. But aside from the bed found in this area, you may also find fixed beds lowered down from the cab’s ceiling. These are aside from the movable chairs and tables in the campervan. Camper van hire in Europe usually means that this type of motorhome also has fitted shower rooms and toilet cubicles inside it. Once you hire a motorhome of the OC type, you can also check on extras such as bike racks. These extras make these campervans for hire even more luxurious than other types. 


Some camper van hire in Europe suppliers offers Low Profile or LP campervans. Although these versions are coach built, there are no beds raised over the cab. Beds are lowered down from the ceiling. A variation to this type of motor home hire is the high-top or HT van. This one has the same features as the LP. The only difference is that the HT has an elevated and fixed top. 


Other companies with campervans for hire may offer you a B-class motorhome. Some of these types are commonly imported from North America. In addition to this, you may also ask for cheap motorhome hire packages for Fixed Roof and Dismountable campervans. Check on these before you hire a motorhome. 

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